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Financial management can be challenging and requires facing various issues. The first is keeping record of your finances. The sales, expenses, assets purchased, liabilities, and net income tell the story of your business. If you are looking for the mix of personal attention and professional service, you have found the right firm.



Get a professional payroll service designed for your business needs. Our payroll service offers online access, ability to provide direct deposit, electronically pay payroll taxes and e-file file payroll returns. Give your employees the ability to retrieve their own payroll stubs online. Select the picture to test drive with a sample company.  Request Service Here.



Tax preparation frustrates many people.  Hawkins & Company, LLC can prepare your federal and state income tax return. Request Tax Preparation Here. 

If you are comfortable with preparing your own Tax Return, select the picture to the left for the online tax preparation software for your Federal and State Returns and have them electronically filed.


Church Administration

The daily operations of a church usually include managing various items.  Administration means assisting with managing finances, maintaining records,   communication with vendors and members, and assisting personnel.

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