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In the United States, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed property that belong to businesses, surviving heirs, individuals and government agencies.  Our service includes locating and retrieving these funds for our clients by searching through the accounting records of government entities and legal records.  Our focus is on professional service with personal attention.


What is unclaimed property?

Generally, any financial asset, usually money, that has not been claimed by its owner or has not had any owner-generated activity for a period of time. This includes:

·         Bankruptcy Payments

·         Savings/checking accounts

·         Stocks and bonds

·         Insurance proceeds

·         Uncashed payroll checks

·         Customers’ over payments

·         Old utility deposits

How does property become unclaimed?

Property becomes "unclaimed" when the owner does not respond to attempts by the holder of the property (for example, the bank, insurance company, brokerage firm or utility company) to contact the owner of the account after the account has been inactive for a period of time. If the owner does not respond or cannot be contacted, the property is then sent to a government agency to hold on behalf of the rightful owner until the owner can be found. As long as you can show proof that the property belongs to you, you can always claim your property.

How far back do records go?

Different government agencies have different laws.  Some will hold the unclaimed property indefinitely and some may have a time limit for a claim to be made.

How long do I have to claim the money?

Again, this will depend on the date the property was classified as "unclaimed" and the regulation and laws for that jurisdiction.

What if the original owner is deceased?

The executor/Administrator/Personal Representative for the estate can make a claim on the property by providing a copy of the death certificate, a currently dated Certificate of Appointment from the Probate Court, as well as proof of ownership of the property.

Do you charge a fee?

We locate, prepare, and file the documentation for our clients.  For this service, we do charge a fee, only if Property is Found and Retrieved.  No fees are billed until the property is returned to our clients.


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